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Katsumasa -pork cutlet@Numazu- Izu Gourmet Guide

"Katsumasa" is a pork cutlet specialty restaurant.
To accompany the pork cutlets coutomers can enjoy all you can eat cabbage, miso soup and rice in this resutaurant.
You can choose between normal white rice or rice with barley and between pork soup or miso soup with kelp.

Weekends are busy and most customers need to line up before getting a seat.
When it is crowded, a clerk passes the guest a pocket beeper, so the guest knows when a seat becomes available.
When I visited the restaurant last Saturday evening, many guests were standing in line outside the restaurant.

Tonkatsu is an adaption of pork cutlets from Western cuisine and now, the pork cutlet is a typical dish in Japan.
I ordered a jumbo sirloin pork cutlet set and my companion orderd a Kurobuta set.
Kurobuta is the name of a famaous pork farm in Kagoshima.
I also ordered a large mug of beer which goes well with pork cutlets.

After ordering my meal the waiter brought some delicious Japanese pickles as well as a bowl of sesame seeds.
I enjoyed the pickles while grinding the sesame seeds in the special bowl they are served in.
Everyone seems to enjoy granding the seeds and it helps to pass the time while waiting for your order.
The aroma from the ground sesame seeds was sensational and made me very hungry indeed.

When my order arrived it was everything that I hoped for.

I mixed some Katsumasa original souce with the ground sesame seeds and poured it over my pork cutlet.
The taste of cutlet was superb and the texture of the crumbs as well as the tenderness of the meat
was very satisfying.
I tasted a piace of the Kurobuta with only a sprinkle of salt and the taste justified the reputation of this
farm in Kagoshima. The flavor of the pork is so good that it needs no sauce or spicies to be added.

I chose the rice with barley and the kelp miso soup which were both very good.
The cabbage was fresh and tasted so good with my choice of wafu dressing (which is a traditional
mix of soy souce and citrus juice) that I asked the waiter for some more.
He offered more soup as well but I declined because I was getting full as I ate every last piece of my 250 gram
cutlet and some of my companions cutlet, too.

Overall the meal was of very high standard and made me think of the poem below which is proudly displayed
at the entrance of the restaurant.

Some of the words are difficult to translate from Japanese to English, but the overall meaning should be clear
to anyone lucky enough to eat at Katsumasa.

The mouth is pleased with Saku Saku bread crumbs.
Tender meat extends to the mouth.
Hoku Hoku rice is sweetish.
My stomach wants shaki shaki cabbage.
The person smiles when he or she eats a delicious pork cutlet.
Now, eat a delicious pork cutlet.

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Address:2-13-11, Haramachinaka,Numazu
Budget:2,000 yen
Closed: open 365 days a year
Overall evaluation:
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