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Sakuraya -eel@Mishima- Izu Gourmet Guide

Sakuraya is a famous eel restaurant that has been operating since 1856 which was the end of the Edo period the décor is very traditional with antique and a unique floor.
Its popularity is such that it employs a full time guard to manage the queues of people eagerly waiting to eat there. Because of this we went early for lunch at 11:20 and avoided having to wait.
The restaurant already had several customers happily eating their eel dishes and it made me look forward to the meal to come.

The menu has various eel dishes including ‘unajyu’ and ‘unadon’ which are basically eel on rice served in different shaped dishes and ‘shirayaki’ which is plain grilled eel.
I ordered ‘unajyu’ and my companion ordered ‘shirayaki’ and we enjoyed looking at the interesting décor while we waited for our meals.

We were surprised to see the size of the restaurant as from the outside it looks quite small but it actually can seat many people.
We waited 20 minutes for our meals and the staffs were not overly friendly or talkative, but they were getting very busy. The eel was superb and was probably the most tender and best tasting eel I have ever eaten. When I added the sunsyo (Japanese pepper) I found it very spicy so be careful if you use it.
My companion gave me a taste of the shirayaki which was also superb and made me nostalgic of my childhood when I ate plain eel. Although there were a few small bones it still melted in my mouth, reminding me of eating tachiuo (cutlass fish) and was truly satisfying.

I would highly recommend Sakuraya and will go there again myself. Next time I will order a course menu with rice wine and go with a close friend.

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Address:13-2, Hirokoji, Mishima
Budget:3,000 yen
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