Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Tiroir -Wine Bar@Numazu- Izu Gourmet Guide

This restaurant in on the south side of Numazu station and is only 3 minutes by foot. It is on the first floor of the hotel Aria. It’s a bit hard to find the entrance because they don’t have a sign board and it seems that this place is for people in the know! When you enter the hotel on your left is a small glass door which is the wine bar entrance. It’s not very big and has seating for only 18 people. The lighting was low, the background music was bosa nova and it made me feel very relaxed.
As there is no drink menu you are asked what you like and given drinks that match your food order. While this lead to drinks that complimented our food it also was a little frightening as far as the bill went as you don’t know how much you have spent.

Before ordering the food the waiter asks if you dislike anything in particular. I ordered the seasonal recommended menu for 4180 yen which was a hors d’oeuvre, risotto, pasta, main dish of fish or meat and dessert.
The hors d’oeuvre was nine dishes served on one large platter.
They were homemade pickles, kinmedai (marinated fish) uncured deer ham, udo salad plant with fish soup, smoked sea perch, wild boar terrine, mushroom soup, cold cooked turban shell and chorizo sausage made from ‘Eberico’ pork. The pickles were burdock and tasted great and the uncured ham matched the wine perfectly.
Next was the risotto which was made with crab and spinach with a saffron flavor. The rice was a little crunchy but excellent.
After that was the pasta in a tomato, beef and spinach sauce. The pasta was perfectly ‘al dente’ and very thin and delicious.
The main course was fish ‘poware’ which was baked fish with boiled cabbage and broccoli. The taste was delicate and delicious. The meat dish was roast duck with glazed carrots and a herb called watercress which is like spinache. The duck was crispy on the outside and juicy and tender on the inside and tasted fresh and very good.

Dessert was orange sherbet, campari gelee and chocolate mousse. I was surprised at how well the flavors matched each other and really enjoyed dessert.
There were many regular customers in the restaurant when we were there.

It has many types of wine and the waiter’s selections were excellent and all the wine we had was good.
It got quite busy after 10 pm and it seems that you can enjoy this wine bar by just having a single drink or going for a delicious course menu like we did.

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Address:2-4-8, Otemachi, Numazu
Budget:5,000 yen
Overall evaluation:
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