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K'S Diner -Italian@Mishima- Izu Gourmet Guide

K's diner is near the south exit of Mishima station. It’s famous for its ISO kinds of liqueur from Japan, China, Europe and the all over the world. I went for lunch and ordered the 2500 yen lunch course.
The ‘hors d'oeuvre’ was two dishes, tuna calpachio with a citrus pepper sauce as well as white fish, roast beef and a spring roll with mocha(rice cake) filling.
The roast beef was served with Chinese XO sauce and the fish dish was like salmon. The fish was not so good but the roast beef was excellent although mochi does not appear to be a good filling for spring rolls.
The next course was an Italian uncured ham salad and a Chinese egg soup. Which is typical of this restaurant on it fries to blend various cuisines together. Sometimes it works well but in this case the soup and salad did not go well together.
After that was a yellow tail kingfish cooked in the traditional French meuniere method with lots of butter.
Each course was served on very unique plates and I enjoyed looking at them and the excellent food presentation. The yellow tail was presented in 3 layers with the top being fish, then fried potatoes and then mashed potatoes on the bottom.
It was good and this dish alone would have been enough for me.

The meat dish followed which was roast duck with mustard sauce. It tasted strongly Japanese influenced and I enjoyed it the most out of all the courses.
Next was a chicken and mushroom pasta which smelled like Japanese tea. By this stage I was very full and it was probably too much food but the pasta was nice and tasted like the traditional Japanese dish of ‘ochazuke’ which is rice with green tea.
Finally dessert was chocolate pound cake with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce. You can choose between coffee and tea to have with dessert. The day we went was Valentine’s Day and because in Japan on this day women are meant to give men chocolate all the dessert were chocolate flavored. Even though I was full the dessert tasted so good that I wanted to eat more.

When we arrived at the restaurant before 12:00 it was empty but it quickly filled up so making a reservation would be a good idea.
The lunch sets are very reasonable and many people ordered the \800 course. The staff are young but provide good service even when it is busy.
Next time I go to K’s Diner I want to go for dinner so that I can drink some of the many kinds of liqueur.

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K'S Diner
Address:2-25, Ichiban-cho, Mishima
Budget:Lunch 2,000 yen Dinner 4,000 yen
Overall evaluation:
Value for money:

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